About us

For more than a decade, we’ve been manufacturing team sports and leisure time apparel for several European companies under their private label and in 2010, here in the United States, we have introduce our own sport uniform label: Winning Beast™. Just recently  and this site, called Ballers Beast™ is exclusively devoted to the Basketball's sport.

We wanted to fill the demand of coaches and sport associations administrators requirements for uniquely styled and manufactured apparel product that meet the increasing demand of the sport participant for look and comfort and do so at a reasonable and affordable cost.

Thus far we have succeeded in our objective and we credit our success to what distinguish us from those companies that we compete with: we’re kind, open-minded staff who recognize our limitations, respect our clients’ expertise, and are grateful we continue to learn and improve our business because of them.

Our business model is also unique in the industry as it is designed to operate with substantially no finished product inventory; we will only sell what our clients want and need and we will make it their way, on time, meeting high quality standards at a highly competitive price.

For the game wear, we use fabric engineered to manage moisture in 100% polyester in several weights and selected for the intended purpose. The cut of our uniforms is comfortable and designed not to interfere with the players’ movements. We employ a variety of customization techniques from the cost effective direct printing to sophisticated sublimation printing.

Our clientele has the option to develop their original design idea or simply modify one of our design concepts; in any event our designer and staff will be there to help and assist at each step of the process.